Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Virginia is for Lovers <3


Yeah I have been lazy. I keep coming up with ideas to blog about and well... like I said ... I was lazy. So here we are in the midst of the most BEAUTIFUL season of the year, the Fall! I absolutely love fall! I mean there's absolutely NOTHING I dislike about fall.... well except that its going to end.

Last Sunday we took a trip up to Virginia to see the leaves, leaving baby Alex at his grandmas. I had spent two days looking up everything I could on tourist spots in Virginia and finally I found something that really looked interesting and it was pretty close to the border.

We decided to go to Patrick county and see Lovers leap (great legend go look)
It was gorgeous! You could see the whole valley! So that was great (other than the fact that sometimes mapquest Sucks) Then we decided to see Fairy stone park
and I had really wanted to go but like I said, mapquest kinda sucked so we didn't get to see it :( . And we just happened to find the Blue Ridge Parkway. And yeah at first we were like YAY! I mean it was beautiful and had some great stops to see Nature and that's what we had wanted. What we didn't want was to be on the Blue ridge Parkway for two hours without finding a road to get off on!!! I am so serious! Not One road just driveways until we hit Roanoke and thank God because I was HUNGRY! but it ended up really good because we found the Once Upon a Child so we bought some toys for the baby. And in case you have never been its basically gently used items for kids. It was pretty great. So we are planning on going to the one in Greensboro soon.

On the way back we bought a big bag of juicy golden delicious locally grown apples and munched on them the way back :)

These are my two favorite photos that I took in Virginia. The water mill looks like a painting and as much as I would like to take credit for these its really not me but Gods creation that makes these so Beautiful!