Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can I push pause on my life and stay here forever?

I am alive... I swear!

So I have bunches of updates! yay!

*Life is still going on...no matter how much I wish it would stop so I could savor my baby but it won't

* I watched the Twilight movie and I LOVED IT!!! Omg it was so good. And what is so funny is that I knew it wouldn't be as good as the book and I was afraid they wouldn't be able to caption the emotion, the turmoil and the just absolute greatness of the book. But I am glad to say that they did a really great freakin job!!! Kudos to the Twilight Movie!! oh yeah.

*Alex is... trying to walk... :( and while that may be good I am not exactly happy about it.

Although he looks really really cute when he walks with his little chunky thighs (awwww..)
on a side note,

On Thanksgiving we went to my grandmas and my cousin was there with her two little boys.
One of which is two months older that my Alex. And when asked if we wanted to set the baby up to eat we said "nah, we'll just give him a bottle and put him in his pack and play"
Tasha (my cousin) puts Caleb (her son) in his little chair and hes feeding himself, with a fork...

yeah I haven't even tried to let him feed himself. The only thing he does with it is sling it around like.... finger paint...yeah finger paint. Yeah Caleb is two months older but... I couldn't help but feel like a crappy mother.

And then I realized... My baby is so much cuter and I felt better :) LOL

Back to the list...

*My brothers fiance is pregnant... and even though I am extremely excited about Alex having someone close to his age to play with I am worried about them. Neither one of them have a job.. actually I do think my brother (Nathan) may have a small job... nothing to be able to support a baby with. Thankfully she is getting help from the government.. usually I am really against the welfare and medicare But in this case it really was a life saver.

*Since the weather is so so cold I have become obsessed with reading again! Yay! and the library.. thank GOD for the library. I read like 4 books last week. I owe that in part to Twilight that reminded me of my love for literature!

*Lost a friend... although it was inevitable. Things change and time keeps moving. Even when you wish it would just stay the same.
*Ps..something about the library makes Alex scream really loud. ??? Idk

*My honey is really hot! (oh wait... that hasn't changed) <3