Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~Eartha Kitt

Its been pretty hot lately so needless to say I haven't been out working in the yard. The flowers seem to be doing okay. Right now it feels like I'm kinda trial and error with the flowers. Like I'm really hating that I got plain impatiens instead of trying to find the double impatiens seeds. I am also regretting starting a lot of annuals instead of focusing on perennials. But what can you do? besides store it away and remember it next year.

These are the impatiens that I wish I would have done as double impatiens.

This is the Balsam I started from seed (direct sow!!) and they are doing remarkably well. Even the heat and humidity they keep on trucking without even wilting!

Okay so this a complete mystery. I planted morning glory's along the entire length of the trellis and only one side decided to germinate. ??? idk.

I have NO IDEA what happened with this rose?? Its so... pathetic.

This is the Blue Girl rose I had ordered from... Gurneys??? or Michigan Bulb?? I don't remember. Either way its not doing very good. I mean the entire rose garden seems to be suffering, but this one is REALLY REALLY BAD! Any ideas as to what's wrong??

This is the direct sow cut flower garden. I have been working to weed it and thin the seedlings out, but as you can see I am only half done. : ) I am waiting on some rain to make the job a little easier.

Yay! My little Limelight hydrangea bloomed. But I do have to get some kind of hoop to hold those heavy blooms up.

Just a pretty little Dahlia. Such a happy little flower : )

Well look at that! My little clearance Hibiscus tree is leafing out! YAY!

These are the little Daisy tree with some Alyssum threw in. (not the best combination : ( )
Behind it is the Mock orange that is growing so FAST!

So thats pretty much all thats going on here.
Hope everyone has a great day and Happy Gardening!