Sunday, May 24, 2009

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown

Once again I was unable to move the photos .... still driving me crazy, but here are my photos in a very random order. Sorry : (

This is the daisy tree from direct gardening. I think I'm suppose to prune it in to a tree.

Here are my tipsy pots you can tell that they have been really busy growing.

LOL. Random HUH? This is our veggie garden. Well,, veggies and some others.
we have tomato's, cucumbers, veggie squash, (you can use the inside like pasta) birdhouse gourds (YAY!) I can't wait to paint them suckers! cantaloupes, corn, ornamental corn (for Fall of course) with Sunflowers and Nasturtiums threw in for good measure.

This is the brick pathway with the very little hydrangeas (Annabelle and raspberry parfait (tech. harlequin)

This is the clematis blooming! YAY! Clematis Viticella "Royal Velvet" from Michigan Bulb.

I LOVE this Lantana.

Columbine "Swan blue and white"

Endless summer Hydrangea. I am going gray waiting for this thing to bloom!! What is going on??!!

Another random shot. Starting seeds. Once again. A test in patience. I am ready to plant them!

LOL! Another shot of the daisy tree! That is going to need some serious pruning for it to be a tree!