Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jesus IS the reason for the season.Merry Christmas!

So once again a lot has happened in the last 21 days since my last post. Yeah my life has periods of absolute craziness. I honestly believe that I am a magnet for drama. But I guess that it's just a part of life.

*first of all the worst news. My dad has had lung cancer for three years he has went through chemo, radiation, hes lost his hair and now I believe he is on the last leg of his journey. He was in the hospital for about a week when mom called 911 because he had become unresponsive. He would have died right then had mom not called. His cancer is in his lung, hip, spine, brain and I'm sure other place in smaller doses. But they have called hospice in and they go over to there house on mon, wed, and fri. His is just about completely out of his mind and he can hardly walk. but they say its just a "process". His mind goes before his body. Therefore he retains the strength of before but he is incapable of doing the right thing with it.

On to better things..

*Last Saturday we went to the dart Christmas party. YAY! It was actually pretty fun. It was in a beautiful ballroom with a DJ and FOOD! But even better than the party was buying a new outfit for it and of course shoes. (because pregnancy took my normal size 8s to 8 1/2 . yeah it made them BIGGER! so now I cant wear ANY of my shoes :(

But I mean I was able to get new shoes so its not THAT bad. Did I mention that they are BEAUTIFUL???

and just as a side note. I am SO SICK of hearing happy holidays!!!!

I want to hear Merry Christmas! I mean that's was Christmas is about CHRIST!!!

so OK I'm done. but truly

Merry Christmas

Jesus is the reason for the Season

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can I push pause on my life and stay here forever?

I am alive... I swear!

So I have bunches of updates! yay!

*Life is still going on...no matter how much I wish it would stop so I could savor my baby but it won't

* I watched the Twilight movie and I LOVED IT!!! Omg it was so good. And what is so funny is that I knew it wouldn't be as good as the book and I was afraid they wouldn't be able to caption the emotion, the turmoil and the just absolute greatness of the book. But I am glad to say that they did a really great freakin job!!! Kudos to the Twilight Movie!! oh yeah.

*Alex is... trying to walk... :( and while that may be good I am not exactly happy about it.

Although he looks really really cute when he walks with his little chunky thighs (awwww..)
on a side note,

On Thanksgiving we went to my grandmas and my cousin was there with her two little boys.
One of which is two months older that my Alex. And when asked if we wanted to set the baby up to eat we said "nah, we'll just give him a bottle and put him in his pack and play"
Tasha (my cousin) puts Caleb (her son) in his little chair and hes feeding himself, with a fork...

yeah I haven't even tried to let him feed himself. The only thing he does with it is sling it around like.... finger paint...yeah finger paint. Yeah Caleb is two months older but... I couldn't help but feel like a crappy mother.

And then I realized... My baby is so much cuter and I felt better :) LOL

Back to the list...

*My brothers fiance is pregnant... and even though I am extremely excited about Alex having someone close to his age to play with I am worried about them. Neither one of them have a job.. actually I do think my brother (Nathan) may have a small job... nothing to be able to support a baby with. Thankfully she is getting help from the government.. usually I am really against the welfare and medicare But in this case it really was a life saver.

*Since the weather is so so cold I have become obsessed with reading again! Yay! and the library.. thank GOD for the library. I read like 4 books last week. I owe that in part to Twilight that reminded me of my love for literature!

*Lost a friend... although it was inevitable. Things change and time keeps moving. Even when you wish it would just stay the same.
*Ps..something about the library makes Alex scream really loud. ??? Idk

*My honey is really hot! (oh wait... that hasn't changed) <3

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Virginia is for Lovers <3


Yeah I have been lazy. I keep coming up with ideas to blog about and well... like I said ... I was lazy. So here we are in the midst of the most BEAUTIFUL season of the year, the Fall! I absolutely love fall! I mean there's absolutely NOTHING I dislike about fall.... well except that its going to end.

Last Sunday we took a trip up to Virginia to see the leaves, leaving baby Alex at his grandmas. I had spent two days looking up everything I could on tourist spots in Virginia and finally I found something that really looked interesting and it was pretty close to the border.

We decided to go to Patrick county and see Lovers leap (great legend http://www.virginia.org/site/description.asp?attrID=34979 go look)
It was gorgeous! You could see the whole valley! So that was great (other than the fact that sometimes mapquest Sucks) Then we decided to see Fairy stone park http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state_parks/fai.shtml
and I had really wanted to go but like I said, mapquest kinda sucked so we didn't get to see it :( . And we just happened to find the Blue Ridge Parkway. And yeah at first we were like YAY! I mean it was beautiful and had some great stops to see Nature and that's what we had wanted. What we didn't want was to be on the Blue ridge Parkway for two hours without finding a road to get off on!!! I am so serious! Not One road just driveways until we hit Roanoke and thank God because I was HUNGRY! but it ended up really good because we found the Once Upon a Child so we bought some toys for the baby. And in case you have never been its basically gently used items for kids. It was pretty great. So we are planning on going to the one in Greensboro soon.

On the way back we bought a big bag of juicy golden delicious locally grown apples and munched on them the way back :)

These are my two favorite photos that I took in Virginia. The water mill looks like a painting and as much as I would like to take credit for these its really not me but Gods creation that makes these so Beautiful!

Friday, September 26, 2008


My first Hydrangea bloom!!!
The hydrangeas in front of the porch
The walkway my honey installed on Sunday and Monday! Isn't he GREAT?!
Its Beautiful thanks to my very mechanically inclined husband!
So I haven't posted anything in a while and that is for several reasons. The first reason is I have been obsessed with the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. My sister-in-law was the one who introduced me to these books. I had heard several conversations between her and my other sil about "vegetarian vampires." That really had me skeptical to try these books well that along with the fact it is young adult. And I hate to say it, but I don't really like teenagers and I was afraid that the characters would be really immature and childish. On the contrary I started it and discovered to my utter amazement that I was becoming obsessed with Edward Cullen!!! Yeah the "vegetarian vampire"!!! So I read the first book (Twilight) on Thursday and the second book (new moon) on Friday/Saturday . So I was ready for the third book on Monday. (we had been working out in the yard so I didn't have time to read it on Sunday and my honey took a vacation day on Monday :) So we call my sil and ask her if they have the third book and her son was reading it!!! I was like getting to the point of jitters by this time b/c I wanted it so bad!! He said he would be done by today, but I had already been bitten (lol) so we made a quick stop by wal-mart to buy the third book. Yeah I now have my "thirst" lol under control so I am trying to slow down and savor it.

The second thing is on Sunday I went to see MAMMA MIA with my other sil Amy. The movie was the sing a long version. Which meant every time and I do mean EVERY TIME they sang a song they put up the lyrics like karaoke! And when Amy called to ask if anyone had actually ever sung they said no. well lucky me. The woman who sat behind me decided that she needed to sing. And even funnier that that There was a sad part and I kinda got watery eyes and before I could try that 1 tear that threatened to drop they put up some lyrics and nothing makes me less likely to cry that karaoke!! So that actually turned into something funny! So I am recommended that the next time you go watch a musical at the theater get the sing a long version. Its funnier.

The Third thing is.. gardening. I have become a maniac planning my "garden" well I mean eventually it will encompass at least 75% of the back yard. My husband is of course panicking, he doesn't like flowers "he has allergies" or so he keeps saying when I ask him what he thinks of my hydrangeas. I am just so excited about finally having a garden that I can be proud of and invest my time in. And even though he has "allergies" he is very happy that I am happy. So that's all a girl can ask for. :)

So here I am now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best of the web = tested and approved :)

I haven't really had anything to write the last few days. I haven't really been feeling good, but I'm back now. So I thought I may share some of the sites that I have found and LOVE!

For funny stuff=

*worth1000.com = photo shopped photos that are the BEST! This is a photo where the woman was naked and they put Victorias secret underwear and bra. How real does this look?

*funnyordie.com - they have some funny stuff but there is some cussing.

*killsometime.com = about the same things as funnyordie.

I have more but cant think of them.

for health and fitness I have ALOT!!

*sparkpeople.com = the meeting place for people trying to lose weight.

*self.com, shape.com, fitness.com = magazine websites.

*healthstatus.com = calorie burner estimator

*Lesliesansone.com = the BEST workout EVER!




*youtube.com has GREAT exercise and health stuff (yeah its not really all about funny cats and dancing guys!)

*prevention.com and the flat belly diet!!

*dailyspark.com = sister to sparkpeople.com so thats always a good sign.

*hungrygirl.com= go look and you will be hooked!

*kashi.com = lovin the kashi!

favorite shopping websites

*amiclubwear.com= slutty clothes with great clothes! (I am so not wearing any slutty clothes!)

*amazon and ebay of course! and craiglist! as long as gas isn't $5 a gallon :(

* newportnews.com= great clothes, great prices

*look up coupons online to use for shopping online!!!

Gardening sites-

*Michiganbulb.com= my fav

*greatgardenplants.com= great stuff



for love

*lovingyou.com = so romantic!


*MYSPACE.COM = so much better than facebook!

*babycenter.com= for baby stuff


*thriftyfun.com= yup thrifty thats ME!

*jacksonandperkins.com= great roses but kinda expensive

*waysidegardens.com= expensive but good stuff

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tale of Liberation.

Ummm.. what do I write about today....? Idk.

OK I got it since this is called Tales of the domestic goddess obviously the point of it is to tell you about what happens in my life! yay! Aren't you already excited?? OK maybe not. Well, I do have big news to tell and that is that my beautiful 8 month old little baby Alex is standing up!!! At first he was just standing up in his pack and play hanging on the side but now hes like standing up at the coffee table! And I am NOT happy about this!!! And not just that but you know I read alot about his developmental milestones and they said that alot of babies when they start standing up get stuck there. Like they won't move. Well, my child does not have this problem when he wants to sit down he just lets go.. boom. Hes down. And usually this is accompanied by some crying and then he gets up and does it again.

And if you are a mother you know why this doesn't make me happy! Hes just getting so big so quick and hes learning so FAST!! I mean I believe his first "kinda" words were spoken last week. I say "hey kitty kitty" and he says "he ke ke" ITS NOT RIGHT DARN IT! I mean why cant they be this age longer? Its so upsetting. I just try to value every moment we have together, but its just not enough. I have gotten to the point where I really feel guilty when I'm cleaning up b/c that could be time spent playing with him. And I know that is SO IRRATIONAL. Because I am so not going to quit cleaning my house!

Well, that's it. I am done venting. There is my tale of ....anxiety...no...m/b liberation. Not mine, his. Tale of Liberation.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amazingly Blessed!

I have been meaning to write this post for about a week. But unfortunately every time I thought of taking a picture of it It was covered with dirty dishes and then I would get them cleaned up and then forget. So here it is.

About two weeks ago my microwave messed up. No it didn't really quit working it just quit... smelling normal. I mean it STANK! Well, after some thought I remembered why it was smelling so bad. A couple of days before I put a bag of chicken in the microwave to defrost it , so we could cook it for dinner. Well it leaked. Poultry juice into my microwave. And because I didn't really think it had leaked as much as it had I didn't clean it up. BIG MISTAKE. Because after a day or two every time I would heat up baby food I would smell that raunchy smell. YAY! Well, it was so bad that I just took the microwave out and put it on the porch. Yeah, smart idea, right?

After a trip to Wal -mart, we realized that we didn't have the money to buy a microwave :(. So after a couple of days of doing without it I sucked it up and cleaned it. It was so disgusting.

But it was still the same ole disgusting microwave. But I was going to have to deal with it, so deal with it I did.

The get away vehicle!

Baby Alex before the drama.

So Monday we decided to go for a walk. Me, the baby, and a stroller with two Kitty's following us as we walked around our neighborhood. Now you may think that this is pretty normal. Its not. We never go walking outside because the area we walk is full of hills. And while that may be good for your butt it is not fun pushing a stroller. So as we went down the last hill before we headed home and I spotted it. On the curb, it was black, and it was a microwave! YAY! Well, my first thought was OMG what if the mail woman thinks I'm crazy? OK who cares? Its just the mail woman. Next thought was what if they think it looks pretty on the curb and I pick it up and they come running out screaming and yelling about stealing there yard ornament (what others like calling a microwave) ? Well that was quickly dismissed since it was on the curb and they weren't home. Thank God. Because them being home would have made the next part of this story all the more embarrassing! The next thought I had was how in the crap am I supposed to get that home?? I had a stroller with a sleeping baby and no room for a microwave. Well, I done what any desperate woman would do. I somehow managed to balance the microwave on the top of the stroller while pushing a stroller... up a hill. So I am so embarrassed by this point that I am trying to run at the same time. I mean, what if they came home?? Or if somebody stopped to ask me what I was doing? Or even worse after all this effort what if it didn't work??? This is were I was confident that my really great mechanically inclined husband would come in handy. And in that mind set I continued up that hill struggling against the stroller and a huge microwave. But I made it home, no one saw me and not only that my husband replaced a fuse and bam! it worked!

YAY!!! So here is my new microwave. And it just proves that God works within no lines. and no boundaries. He really did provide my smallest needs and even alot of my wants. He is a great awesome God who is worthy of my/our praise!

Friday, September 12, 2008


So last night I watched Sex and the City. Yeah I know. Very extremely out of character for me. I mean maybe when I was single I would have LOVED IT and probably would have went to the theater and watched it with a girlfriend, of course. But since I am a Christian and I am married with a baby it kinda contradicts everything in my life. Every once in a while though I like to see how the other side lives. You know the single population. Oh, I so remember those days. I loved cosmopolitan and getting my hair done and always having great skin. But alas it is no more. My cosmopolitan has been replaced by baby world and better homes and Garden and now that I am on this whole trying to lose weight thing fitness, and self. (please ignore the bad sentence structure, I really am bad at run on sentences and using the word and a million times!) My hair getting done has been replaced by buying a pack of hairbands. And my great skin has been replaced by... well... my skin really isn't that bad. Its just not what it use to be. My preoccupations no longer revolve around looking good, but more around my baby and my husband.

Ok, I know, rambling. SO back to the movie. I liked it. It was long at 2 1/2 hrs. very long in my opinion considering that they could have condensed it and been fine. But I believe that the reason they made it SO LONG was to placate the millions and millions of Sac fans. I personally never had cable so I have never seen a whole episode.

I am not going to write a review on this movie, but I do have a point. Watching this movie though made me not only remember what was so great about being single but it made me realize that the entire time I was single (except a few months) I wanted to get married or at least not be single. I never really appreciated the fact that I could engross myself in a sappy romantic comedy or a really fem magazine for hours, or the fact that I could spread green slime on my face and never wonder if my husband was thinking "is this what being married is all about? What happened to the woman that I thought was effortlessly beautiful?" (yeah effortlessly, naivete, is great, right?)
I never appreciated that I could do whatever whenever I wanted. ( I didn't, though) LOL

So the point is that this movie is not only for those singles who are desperately seeking those two L's, love and labels. This is for the wife who stays at home all day balancing trying to keep a clean house, a teething baby, and trying to look good. The one who is kinda bored and sometimes gets stuck in the routine of daytime TV. The one who is slobbered and spit up on more that she is kissed.

This is especially for the one who wants to learn a new appreciation of the man she fell in love with and the life she left behind. The absolute, amazing, perfect union that she waited so long for. The one that made her realize that all the waiting was worth it
And that given the chance she wouldn't give up those singleton years for ANYTHING.
Dedicated to the man that will always have my heart. My husband.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

Okay so today is September 11. 7 years from the terriorist attacks that have changed the whole country. I just thought I may say a little about it to salute those who have died and continue to die for our freedom and safety. Today is the day that no matter your political affiliation we should come together to pray for those who are in Iraq fighting and the families of those who died in the attacks.
God Bless America!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daydream Tulips

Its just about time to plant bulbs and grass and I am so very excited! Last year I was VERY pregnant so not only was I not able to move enough to plant them. We also didnt have any extra money seeing as we had to buy baby stuff $$$.

So today when we went to Wal-Mart I bought some tulips and hycianths!! YAY!

I had a very hard time figuring out what colors of Tulips to get. But I finally decided to get 12 of the big smile which is yellow and 12 of the daydream which is kinda orange and yellow. The contrast between the yellow and the green should be beautiful.
Now the problem is going to be finding out exactly where a want to put them. I am hoping a can spare a little bit of money on Friday so I can buy some more. I mean for 12 tulip bulbs is was $4 and 6 of the hycianths were $4. Anywhere else they have been 10.00!!
So this is a cheers to WAL-MART! :)
The picture is the daydream tulip. Arent they BEAUTIFUL???

Happily ever after

OK, so this is my very very first blog for "blogger" and I am very excited. This is not my first blog in general though. I do have blogs on myspace and sparkpeople. But not a blog like this.My plan going into this is to talk about anything that really interests me. NOT POLITICS. not because I am rebelling against "the man" but because I don't believe it is really going to help anything. I mean how many political blogs are out there? My guess is ALOT! Although I do have a blog on my myspace speaking of why I am voting for who I am voting for. Did you get that?? :)

So maybe I should say something about myself as an introduction. Oh where to start. How can you summarize a life by a couple of paragraphs?? I don't really know but I am going to try.

I am a Christian. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and I am trying, with his help, to live a Godly life that leads people to him. Although I do believe the most powerful testimony you will ever have is your very own life. "practice what you preach".

I am living my HAPPILY EVER AFTER! I mean truly, I am. I waited for so long for God to send me the man he had for me and I am so glad I did. He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He really is my Prince Charming. <3

Married on March 31, 2007 . A week after we got married we conceived a baby. I was sick as a dog the entire 9 months. I had to quit my job. Although we had already planned for me to stay at home when the baby was born. We were living in a two bedroom apartment but we had no room to put a baby. Plus I really wanted to decorate the nursery!! Well, we didn't have a nursery. We hardly had room for a bassinet much less a crib. So in August 2007 we bought a house. YAY!

Its a great little house with a front porch that runs the entire length of the house. A double garage, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. I love it! I cant wait to raise our children in this quaint little neighborhood.

So the entire time I was pregnant I measured too large, so they thought I was carrying too much fluid. I had like 6 ultrasounds. In 3d!! YAY! I loved having each and every one! I would sit with the ultrasound and just close my eyes and imagine what that beautiful child would look like.

I was due on Jan. 2 2008. On December 28, they gave me another ultrasound. THANK GOD! Because he was frank breech (he was head up) AND he was measuring at 11 pounds! So needless to say I had a c-section that evening. And my beautiful 9 IB 15oz, Alexander Isaac was born.

A week and a half after his birth I had surgery again. I had mrsa in my c-section. Yeah that was an ordeal. I now appreciate every moment I can walk and take care of my baby on my own. Because then I could not.

So now I am on a weight loss mission to lose the rest of the baby weight to get fit. Plus I want to become a better person all the way around. And this is my journal to doing so.

So there is my last two years in 6 paragraphs. Now your up to date.