Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best of the web = tested and approved :)

I haven't really had anything to write the last few days. I haven't really been feeling good, but I'm back now. So I thought I may share some of the sites that I have found and LOVE!

For funny stuff=

* = photo shopped photos that are the BEST! This is a photo where the woman was naked and they put Victorias secret underwear and bra. How real does this look?

* - they have some funny stuff but there is some cussing.

* = about the same things as funnyordie.

I have more but cant think of them.

for health and fitness I have ALOT!!

* = the meeting place for people trying to lose weight.

*,, = magazine websites.

* = calorie burner estimator

* = the BEST workout EVER!




* has GREAT exercise and health stuff (yeah its not really all about funny cats and dancing guys!)

* and the flat belly diet!!

* = sister to so thats always a good sign.

* go look and you will be hooked!

* = lovin the kashi!

favorite shopping websites

* slutty clothes with great clothes! (I am so not wearing any slutty clothes!)

*amazon and ebay of course! and craiglist! as long as gas isn't $5 a gallon :(

* great clothes, great prices

*look up coupons online to use for shopping online!!!

Gardening sites-

* my fav

* great stuff



for love

* = so romantic!


*MYSPACE.COM = so much better than facebook!

* for baby stuff


* yup thrifty thats ME!

* great roses but kinda expensive

* expensive but good stuff

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