Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tale of Liberation.

Ummm.. what do I write about today....? Idk.

OK I got it since this is called Tales of the domestic goddess obviously the point of it is to tell you about what happens in my life! yay! Aren't you already excited?? OK maybe not. Well, I do have big news to tell and that is that my beautiful 8 month old little baby Alex is standing up!!! At first he was just standing up in his pack and play hanging on the side but now hes like standing up at the coffee table! And I am NOT happy about this!!! And not just that but you know I read alot about his developmental milestones and they said that alot of babies when they start standing up get stuck there. Like they won't move. Well, my child does not have this problem when he wants to sit down he just lets go.. boom. Hes down. And usually this is accompanied by some crying and then he gets up and does it again.

And if you are a mother you know why this doesn't make me happy! Hes just getting so big so quick and hes learning so FAST!! I mean I believe his first "kinda" words were spoken last week. I say "hey kitty kitty" and he says "he ke ke" ITS NOT RIGHT DARN IT! I mean why cant they be this age longer? Its so upsetting. I just try to value every moment we have together, but its just not enough. I have gotten to the point where I really feel guilty when I'm cleaning up b/c that could be time spent playing with him. And I know that is SO IRRATIONAL. Because I am so not going to quit cleaning my house!

Well, that's it. I am done venting. There is my tale of liberation. Not mine, his. Tale of Liberation.

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