Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amazingly Blessed!

I have been meaning to write this post for about a week. But unfortunately every time I thought of taking a picture of it It was covered with dirty dishes and then I would get them cleaned up and then forget. So here it is.

About two weeks ago my microwave messed up. No it didn't really quit working it just quit... smelling normal. I mean it STANK! Well, after some thought I remembered why it was smelling so bad. A couple of days before I put a bag of chicken in the microwave to defrost it , so we could cook it for dinner. Well it leaked. Poultry juice into my microwave. And because I didn't really think it had leaked as much as it had I didn't clean it up. BIG MISTAKE. Because after a day or two every time I would heat up baby food I would smell that raunchy smell. YAY! Well, it was so bad that I just took the microwave out and put it on the porch. Yeah, smart idea, right?

After a trip to Wal -mart, we realized that we didn't have the money to buy a microwave :(. So after a couple of days of doing without it I sucked it up and cleaned it. It was so disgusting.

But it was still the same ole disgusting microwave. But I was going to have to deal with it, so deal with it I did.

The get away vehicle!

Baby Alex before the drama.

So Monday we decided to go for a walk. Me, the baby, and a stroller with two Kitty's following us as we walked around our neighborhood. Now you may think that this is pretty normal. Its not. We never go walking outside because the area we walk is full of hills. And while that may be good for your butt it is not fun pushing a stroller. So as we went down the last hill before we headed home and I spotted it. On the curb, it was black, and it was a microwave! YAY! Well, my first thought was OMG what if the mail woman thinks I'm crazy? OK who cares? Its just the mail woman. Next thought was what if they think it looks pretty on the curb and I pick it up and they come running out screaming and yelling about stealing there yard ornament (what others like calling a microwave) ? Well that was quickly dismissed since it was on the curb and they weren't home. Thank God. Because them being home would have made the next part of this story all the more embarrassing! The next thought I had was how in the crap am I supposed to get that home?? I had a stroller with a sleeping baby and no room for a microwave. Well, I done what any desperate woman would do. I somehow managed to balance the microwave on the top of the stroller while pushing a stroller... up a hill. So I am so embarrassed by this point that I am trying to run at the same time. I mean, what if they came home?? Or if somebody stopped to ask me what I was doing? Or even worse after all this effort what if it didn't work??? This is were I was confident that my really great mechanically inclined husband would come in handy. And in that mind set I continued up that hill struggling against the stroller and a huge microwave. But I made it home, no one saw me and not only that my husband replaced a fuse and bam! it worked!

YAY!!! So here is my new microwave. And it just proves that God works within no lines. and no boundaries. He really did provide my smallest needs and even alot of my wants. He is a great awesome God who is worthy of my/our praise!

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