Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happily ever after

OK, so this is my very very first blog for "blogger" and I am very excited. This is not my first blog in general though. I do have blogs on myspace and sparkpeople. But not a blog like this.My plan going into this is to talk about anything that really interests me. NOT POLITICS. not because I am rebelling against "the man" but because I don't believe it is really going to help anything. I mean how many political blogs are out there? My guess is ALOT! Although I do have a blog on my myspace speaking of why I am voting for who I am voting for. Did you get that?? :)

So maybe I should say something about myself as an introduction. Oh where to start. How can you summarize a life by a couple of paragraphs?? I don't really know but I am going to try.

I am a Christian. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and I am trying, with his help, to live a Godly life that leads people to him. Although I do believe the most powerful testimony you will ever have is your very own life. "practice what you preach".

I am living my HAPPILY EVER AFTER! I mean truly, I am. I waited for so long for God to send me the man he had for me and I am so glad I did. He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He really is my Prince Charming. <3

Married on March 31, 2007 . A week after we got married we conceived a baby. I was sick as a dog the entire 9 months. I had to quit my job. Although we had already planned for me to stay at home when the baby was born. We were living in a two bedroom apartment but we had no room to put a baby. Plus I really wanted to decorate the nursery!! Well, we didn't have a nursery. We hardly had room for a bassinet much less a crib. So in August 2007 we bought a house. YAY!

Its a great little house with a front porch that runs the entire length of the house. A double garage, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. I love it! I cant wait to raise our children in this quaint little neighborhood.

So the entire time I was pregnant I measured too large, so they thought I was carrying too much fluid. I had like 6 ultrasounds. In 3d!! YAY! I loved having each and every one! I would sit with the ultrasound and just close my eyes and imagine what that beautiful child would look like.

I was due on Jan. 2 2008. On December 28, they gave me another ultrasound. THANK GOD! Because he was frank breech (he was head up) AND he was measuring at 11 pounds! So needless to say I had a c-section that evening. And my beautiful 9 IB 15oz, Alexander Isaac was born.

A week and a half after his birth I had surgery again. I had mrsa in my c-section. Yeah that was an ordeal. I now appreciate every moment I can walk and take care of my baby on my own. Because then I could not.

So now I am on a weight loss mission to lose the rest of the baby weight to get fit. Plus I want to become a better person all the way around. And this is my journal to doing so.

So there is my last two years in 6 paragraphs. Now your up to date.

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