Friday, September 12, 2008


So last night I watched Sex and the City. Yeah I know. Very extremely out of character for me. I mean maybe when I was single I would have LOVED IT and probably would have went to the theater and watched it with a girlfriend, of course. But since I am a Christian and I am married with a baby it kinda contradicts everything in my life. Every once in a while though I like to see how the other side lives. You know the single population. Oh, I so remember those days. I loved cosmopolitan and getting my hair done and always having great skin. But alas it is no more. My cosmopolitan has been replaced by baby world and better homes and Garden and now that I am on this whole trying to lose weight thing fitness, and self. (please ignore the bad sentence structure, I really am bad at run on sentences and using the word and a million times!) My hair getting done has been replaced by buying a pack of hairbands. And my great skin has been replaced by... well... my skin really isn't that bad. Its just not what it use to be. My preoccupations no longer revolve around looking good, but more around my baby and my husband.

Ok, I know, rambling. SO back to the movie. I liked it. It was long at 2 1/2 hrs. very long in my opinion considering that they could have condensed it and been fine. But I believe that the reason they made it SO LONG was to placate the millions and millions of Sac fans. I personally never had cable so I have never seen a whole episode.

I am not going to write a review on this movie, but I do have a point. Watching this movie though made me not only remember what was so great about being single but it made me realize that the entire time I was single (except a few months) I wanted to get married or at least not be single. I never really appreciated the fact that I could engross myself in a sappy romantic comedy or a really fem magazine for hours, or the fact that I could spread green slime on my face and never wonder if my husband was thinking "is this what being married is all about? What happened to the woman that I thought was effortlessly beautiful?" (yeah effortlessly, naivete, is great, right?)
I never appreciated that I could do whatever whenever I wanted. ( I didn't, though) LOL

So the point is that this movie is not only for those singles who are desperately seeking those two L's, love and labels. This is for the wife who stays at home all day balancing trying to keep a clean house, a teething baby, and trying to look good. The one who is kinda bored and sometimes gets stuck in the routine of daytime TV. The one who is slobbered and spit up on more that she is kissed.

This is especially for the one who wants to learn a new appreciation of the man she fell in love with and the life she left behind. The absolute, amazing, perfect union that she waited so long for. The one that made her realize that all the waiting was worth it
And that given the chance she wouldn't give up those singleton years for ANYTHING.
Dedicated to the man that will always have my heart. My husband.

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