Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plants to Plant!

It was a beautiful day today. Sunny and in the 60s. Last night.. well, that is another story. It rained cats and dogs LOL.

Several really great things happened today (besides the beautiful weather). My plants came from direct gardening and I started my hedge cuttings.

Okay so first of all, my plants finally came. I didn't get any type of shipping notice it just said "Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing then it will be shipped according to availability and proper planting time for your area" Pretty vague, right? So when they arrived today needless to say I was kinda surprised.

I received 6 rose of Sharon's (for hedge) which is in the Hibiscus family.

50 glads

1 fairy pink cushion rose,

2 hydrangea trees (still not sure how to do this).

Plus bonus plants, 4 flowering shamrock bulbs,
Although this was free I have my reservations with anything that is even
remotely like a weed. Clover, for example.

3 peacock orchid bulbs??? It says exotic (idk??)

And to make things even better I actually got everything, but the bulbs planted. Of course I also planted a Queen Elizabeth rose and I have a candy stripe rose soaking so it can be planted tomorrow. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!

I did start my hedge cuttings, but that post will have to wait til another day. I am pooped!

Good Night and Happy Easter!

~One of the most delightful things about a garden

is the anticipation it provides.

~W.E. Johns, The Passing Show

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Dirt Princess said...

Lots of goodies!!!!! How excited you must be! I love glads...they are classic and beautiful. I have several Rose of Sharon's. They do great and come back every year. I can't wait to see them soon!