Thursday, May 14, 2009

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat. ~ Beverley Nichols

For weeks my husband has promised me that he was going to take me to a nursery. Well, last weekend was the best time because he owed me a Mother's day gift : ) So I was actually able to buy something. Of course when we got to the one that I had been really wanting to go to.. it was SO expensive! Like 6 marigold's was $15! I definitely couldn't pay that. I know that nurseries are always more expensive and I'm sure that there quality was alot better than, say... Wal-mart or Lowe's. But I had to draw a line. I mean these were annuals! Perennials I will pay a little more, but not annuals.

I was sorely upset but thankfully I was able to find the Hydrangea "Limelight" that I had seen the last time I had been there. So I bought that. A disappointing trip, considering I had been waiting so long to go back.

On the way back though we found a little Country Store that made the entire trip worth while. It was small and it had any kind of preserved food you could think of. But what made it so great was all the flowers outside the store. We had not been there very long when I spotted the biggest, most beautiful rose I had ever seen. Plus it smelled like Heaven! There was no price on it so we had to ask someone (I hate that). But when the guy came over and we asked him he pointed at the huge sign behind us that said ROSES $12.99. OK before you start wondering about my intelligence. It was Mother's day and I assumed (you know what they say about assume?) that since the price was so low that it had to be cut roses. After I got over the embarrassment I grabbed that big red rose (Janice Kellogg rose) and searched for another one to go with it. That's when I found the "Liv Tyler" rose. I have been wanting one and to find it that big for $12.99, well, it was very exciting! I was still on the lookout for Bee Balm, but I had pretty much reached my limit after the Hydrangea and the roses!

This is the Janice Kellogg rose. It stands out a little in the rose garden since it's so big and the others were bought this Spring bare root

Another shot of the Janice Kellogg rose. Named after former President of Kellogg garden products.

The "Liv Tyler" rose. Not in bloom yet, but I am waiting anxiously!

Hydrangea "Limelight" I am so excited about this blooming!

I bought this "Barbarini rose Dianthus" because it is highly fragrant and I think that that is an important part of a garden.

My moms gift to me. Asiatic Lily that I split up and made three from! YAY!

This just bloomed and I thinks its the Chicago Peace rose. It is a lot prettier in person!

This is one of the miniature roses in bloom.

This is the "Snowfire" rose about to bloom.

This is the same rose in bloom.


Dirt Princess said...

Yay...I can leave a comment again!

I LOVE the Limelight. Let me know how it does for you. I really want one. I full sun wonderful is that.

You need to start taking cuttings and ROOT them!!! It is easy!

I love Dianthus. They do so well for me here. They come back every year and bloom for ever.

Tootsie said...

wooo hoo!! I can finally comment! I have been trying to comment on your other posts..and could not get the comment form to pop up!!!
The price of annuals is ridiculous! I am grateful for my greenhouse at this time of year as the seeds are not as bad as buying all the plants...
we expect snow here on Monday...and had snow two days ago here too! Alberta is a challenge in May...I want to plant so bad...but know I can' make me nuts!

Jesikarena said...

DIRT PRINCESS- I am planning on rooting some cuttings! I would just LOVE to have a yard full of hydrangeas! I have 17! My hubby thinks I need to stop but I never will! I just keep finding more that I like. My next goal is to get a lacecap hydrangea like you have!

TOOTSIE- i really do feel bad for you! We were able to start planting in the middle of April and the truth is I wasn't sure if I would make it til then! But at least you have a beautiful greenhouse! Your plants look beautiful already. can't wait to see them when there planted!

aidensmom said...

WOW girl. Those are amazing!! I love those roses. My mom found a site that sells nothing but roses. All kinds. Hybrids and everything else. It even shows you how to make your own hybrids. It's really hard but so worth it! I'll show you some pics when we get our computer back. I can't remember the site but I did order the book from their site so when it comes in I'll send you the link. Keep it up girl! Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Aaron Milano said...

Great blog--just found this on blotanical. I think you might like, a community of NC/SC gardeners who share recipes, ideas, experience, etc.