Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bloom where you are planted

Rain rain go away...oh wait...we really need the rain...ugh.

I am always tired and cranky when it rains and its always been that way.

But this year its a little better because in my minds eye I picture my shrubs and trees, and bulbs growing because of this dreaded rain and then I don't feel as bad *smile*

For the last 2 or 3 years we have had a drought EVERY Summer and well its depressing. My hydrangeas droop with the heat, they all but stop growing and they definitely won't put forth the energy to bloom. The grass turns brown and brittle so much that it feels like we live in a desert. Astro-turf anyone?

On such a days as this I turn to my trusty garden plan and
visualize my hydrangeas when they are in there full grown glory,

my clematis when they have overgrown there trellis's,
(and the tree is gone from the back yard *honey!*)

my tulips so multiplied that I can divide them and have a whole yard full of tulips. *sigh*
So the point of all of this is probably just to whine but as Joyce Meyer says "Bloom where you are planted" even if its a Rainy day.
Which reminds me... have you ever noticed that the biggest blooms come from the crappiest places? (manure) *Laugh*

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Dirt Princess said...

Oh...thats all I do is visualize LOL! When I look at my garden I see it 5 years down the road and how it will look then...not how it looks now! I see it in its grandest glory...not the beginning stages! I can't wait to see your clematis. It takes 3-4 years for a clematis to "take"of...but once it does your entire trellis would be covered in gorgeous blooms!