Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Petunia the playful kitty!

After a long cloudy weekend its FINALLY raining! YAY! Our poor grass was pitiful! But during the break in the rain I got out and took some pictures.
This is Petunia. She is a prissy cat that I bought a Salvation Army last week. She was glad it quit raining so she could go play.
She likes to hide in my iris's. Can you see her? : )
I told her to watch out for the thorns but... she didn't listen.
This is Moocher. Petunias Sister. (from another mother)


Dirt Princess said...

So cute! YOu definitely need to get Bilbo!!! He would love her! He will be in Canada today! I will let you know so you can go put in for

Jesikarena said...

Good! Bilbo would love Petunia!
I think they would be great friends!
: )