Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gardening 911!!!

Problem- I have a shade garden in the middle of some trees. Its really hard to work the soil since there are so many tree roots plus it stays SO DRY! We planted caladiums and elephant ears there last year, but most of them never came up and if they did they were PUNY! I thought it was because they didn't get enough water (we were in a drought Spring - Fall) But now we are getting plenty of rain and they aren't even coming up. So my dilemma is... do I try planting again or do I try to do raised beds? I have astilbe, hosta, impatiens, and coleus that I want to plant there and they should be ready to plant in a couple of weeks. I have also considered doing the raised beds and surrounding them with rocks to kinda naturalize the beds so they don't stand out as much.
PS. These are pictures from last year before we put in the bench and everything.
Do you see the neighbors burn can in the bottom picture? LOL


lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Jesika, that does look like a tough area to plant under. If the roots from the trees are really thick, you would be better off planting anuals like impatiens that do not have deep roots. Maybe even creeping vincas, it'll spread but maybe not bloom as well if in full shade but will be evergreen year round. I think the raised beds are a good idea, too.

aidensmom said...

Hey Jessica check this site out.

Maybe your honey can build you one of these. It would look great and shouldn't be to hard or time consuming. You could even maybe try and dig out an area 2ft deep and clip the roots. Then plant your garden. My mom did this and it looks great. The tree roots didn't hinder the growth of her flowers and also it didn't kill the tree. HTH

Dirt Princess said...

I have several problems spots like this. It is going to be hard to grow anything with the tree roots. I have started using containers in my problems areas, all shapes, sizes and colors. Raised beds would be good as well.

Marilyn Jones said...

Jesikarena, been there, done that! Better off to grow a ground cover for shade and group pots of different sizes within the ground cover in which you could plant your caladiums, impatiens, etc.