Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where flowers bloom so does hope- Lady Bird Johnson

Last year I bought two bi color butterfly bushes from Michigan Bulb. I planted them in the Fall and waited. A couple of weeks ago one started leafing out and growing and the other.. did nothing. I had already read that they sometimes were the last to leaf out so I just gave it some time. Yesterday I finally got fed up and I tugged on it to see if it had roots. Well, it came right out of the ground and snapped.

The thriving butterfly bush.

RIP. butterfly bush.

This area started out as just the bench. I didn't really plan anything I just wanted to add something. Well, as simple as it is. It has turned out to be the most peaceful area of the whole yard. The trees provide the perfect cover to escape from the whole world and sit in front of the trellis that is (soon to be) covered with fragrant sweet peas. This is also the area where I have the 6 Rose of Sharon's and a row of peonies I just planted.

My aunt and her boyfriend are in the moving and remodeling houses business and they had all this extra brick that we were able to get! Did I mention it was PAVERS?! It was HARD work moving it, but it was worth it. We are now going to be able to make the large patio that we planned plus have some left over!

This is my husband and our son on his first lawn mower ride. You should have heard him talking (jabbering) as they rode around the yard.

My first collage made with Picasa 3! YAY!


aidensmom said...

Wow just looking at that shady spot made me relax. I could almost feel the breeze. Can't wait to see it in full bloom. Good work Jessica. I also love the daddy baby pics. They are just so sweet.

Susie said...

Your collage turned out great! Your little one is really cute.

How lucky that you got those brick pavers. I love working with those things.