Friday, May 1, 2009

"A garden is never so good as it will be next year."-- Thomas Cooper

This is the Snowball bush from Gurneys that I planted like 2 months ago. And its BLOOMING!
Its scientific name is Viburnum "opulus roseum" sterile (no berries)
This is the tip of my snowball bush and the neighbors tree.

Miniature rose bud!

My first rose bloom!!! They are really small!

Strawberry plants!

My pink tipsy pots! Its not full yet but it will be overloaded with.... Wave Petunias!

Just a pink feathery bloom from my celosia

Our brick pathway leading from the back porch. When we went and got our HUGE batch of brick we went ahead a picked up the broken ones. And of course we just had to use them (waste not want not LOL) so honey chipped up some more brick and Wah-lah! We added some stepping stones of, course. I mean who wants to walk on brick chips. OUCH!

Peony's are about to bloom! I can't wait!

I love this pot! Its perfect for another strawberry plant!

Now if I can only find some more of these planters : (


Dirt Princess said...

Wow! I love the strawberried and the tipsy pits. Very cute and colorful! The rose is beautiful! Bilbo is in Idaho. Check my blog for a link to Kim & Victorias! Bilbo is waiting in you ;). Have a great weekend

Becca's Dirt said...

Love your tipsy pails and your walkway. The walkway is so inviting. You have some nice stuff blooming and buds. Looking forward to them in bloom. Have a nice weekend and Happy Gardening... Becca

Susie said...

I have a yellow, orange and green pot just like your blue one. I have a strawberry planted in one, and two different color of million bells in the other. I found my pots at Dollar General a few weeks ago.

I really like your tipsy pots. That is so cute!

I think that is a great idea using the broken bricks. Your walkway turned out great!

Jesikarena said...

dirt princess- I plan on commenting for him when the competition goes down a little. He is the cutest and I think he would really enjoy North Carolina!

Beccas dirt- Thank you!

Susie- Thank you! I have been looking for them Everywhere! I think I will look at our Dollar General today (cross your fingers)