Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gardening requires lots of water -- most of it in the form of perspiration.- Lou Erickson

Walking in the Garden!

This one of the six rose of Sharon's that I planted a couple of weeks ago. I had been scared that maybe they were dead and wah-lah! I was so HAPPY!

This is one the many unkillable Iris's and now its finally blooming! YAY!

My pink hydrangea that is coming back really slowly.

Yellow lantana that I bought at Lowe's!

I really love this lantana though! From Wal-mart!

My pink wave petunias that are growing like crazy!

Hardening off frizzle-sizzle Pansy's (gurneys) and Dolcissima Flambe Petunias from park seed.

This is the view from my bathroom window. The right side of my circular rose garden. (ignore the stumps LOL)

The left side of the same rose garden.

Just a picture of our Moocher. ( really that's her name LOL)


Dirt Princess said...

How exciting! Your iris will bloom today. They bloom SO fast! Can't wait to see your hydrangeas and roses in bloom! Have a good one

aidensmom said...

I second that. I can't wait to see your roses too. ;) Have you seen the blooming pink rose tree they have at walmart!? Oh I can't wait to get one. YAY!