Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"I have come that you may have life." John 10:10


After going to church and being obedient to the Lord I was felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulder. I had been wanting to go back to church for so long and every Sunday that passed, it got harder to go back. I knew I needed to go back, I wanted to go back, but I was scared. So after going to church I knew I couldn't go back and I just had to get online and do some research. The first thing I was looking for was where was it? I knew that if it took longer than 25 minutes to get there, we would have an easy excuse for not going. I didn't want excuses. The second thing was I wanted to non-denominational, but leaning towards Baptist. The third thing was that I wanted them to have stuff going on. A youth program, a good nursery, community outreach, etc. I didn't want to approach looking for a church like shopping for groceries, but you have to consider these things.

The church that I went to before me and my husband started dating, was very small. There was only 3 people in the youth group, 1 of which was my brother. I was the only single person in the entire church and let me tell you, when your single and you have absolutely NO ONE to relate to, its hard. Thankfully I went to church with my parents, so my situation (being single) was not so bad. I honestly respect those single people who go to church by themselves. I know that it must be hard. So it was very important to us that Alex have peers at church, who could encourage him and he could relate too.

I looked for a day or two. I was starting to think that we would be on the church search for a lot longer. When I found Life Community Church I was estatic! It has a million different things going on. It really seemed great. I was excited. I was apprehensive. I looked up directions on Map quest and it is 25 minutes from our house! As I said before, I was really excited! I told my husband when he got home. His unemotional response was, "okay we'll try in on Sunday." He is always like that, it drives me crazy! I get so emotional and he is just like... dead grass. He just doesn't get excited, at all. But on the flip side of that when something bad happens, he is the calm in the storm, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Back to the subject : )

Once again, we dropped the baby off at his mothers, which was on the way. I wore the same outfit as the Sunday before. The service we were going to started at 10:30, we got there at 10:20. It probably took 5 minutes to walk from our car to the front door. When we walked in people were standing around everywhere, and there were monitors in the entry way that had a countdown. I assumed that that was when the service started and we were waiting for the previous service to let out. I kinda liked how synchronized it was. It was cool. I like having a plan and an order. My husband later would tell me that he liked some spontaneity. At about three minutes till the service started we were able to go in and sit down. It was not a normal church, per-se. It was big, there was no stained glass windows, it was rather plan with beige walls and a long platform in the front. The choir was already moving to the front. I knew that had this down to the minute when the second the timer stopped the singing started. I loved it.

I really felt good during the singing, but then I remembered I had felt pretty good about the other church too. So I reserved judgement until the end. The sermon started and well. whoa. I loved it. The sermon was "why do bad things happen to good people?" Whoa. He did great. Hard topic, but great explanation.

There's the link so if you want to listen to it! How cool is that?!

Anyways one of the things that really stood out to me, was when we prayed the preacher actually knelt down. I have never seen anyone do it, but I was very effected by the humility of the gesture.

They sent around visitor cards during the singing. (you stay seated if your a visitor) we filled it out. We got a letter like two days later : ) We were also invited to meet the pastor in the hospitality room right off of the sanctuary. Which was nice because sometimes you get lost in the crowd and never really meet the pastor. We even got a $5.00 coupon for Brewster's Ice cream! You can't tell me that that's not really cool. Talk about treating visitors right! wow.

Needless to say, the church made quite an impression. If you live anywhere near Jamestown North Carolina, then you need to come see! Its great.

We talked about it and as usual, my husband, was, "it was okay. it was a good sermon." yeah that's his equivalent of fireworks. LOL

The next weekend we weren't able to go because the entire family was sick. : (

But that is my church search experience. I hope that you were able to glean something from my experience to maybe help with yours. God Bless!


aidensmom said...

lol Yeah he hasn't changed. Kinda sounds like my hubby. I guess they are used to us women getting all worked up. lol I am glad you finally found a church to go to, and a good one at that. It is a nice church. Always wondered about it as I was on my way to school. Now I know. Keep us updated too. I miss church. Maybe on day we will get there too.

Susie said...

Sounds like a good fit.