Thursday, December 31, 2009

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try one more time." - Author unknown.

Wow. I really can't believe that 2009 is almost over and by almost I mean 6 hours and 9 minutes. I am sitting on the couch with my honey covered in a blanket and seriously considering having a large mug of hot chocolate.. with LOTS of marshmallows. Yum..
I haven't been on here in awhile. I have been busy getting ready for and then cleaning up after Christmas. December was a very eventful month for us. Starting really badly and turning out pretty great.
First of all, we have been wanting a wii since it came out, but the moment when we REALLY decided that we just HAD to have it was when my brother in law and his family went on vacation and left it at home. So they were nice enough to let us use it while they were on vacation! All they had for it was wii sports (remember this was when it cost like $400). We used it all week, I was so sore! But we had so much fun. So this year we started thinking that its about time we get one. Winters coming up and there's just not really much that you can do.. other than watch movies and eat. So honey had the great idea of taking his games to Game stop and trading them in for credit for a wii. So that night we got all of our games together and when he got home from work we were going to go trade them in and see. I wasn't very hopeful. But when he went to work a guy told him about the deal from Wal-mart which was buy the wii ($200) and get a $50 Wal-mart gift card! Oh my gosh, right?! I was so excited all the signs were pointing toward yes you are going to be able to get it!!! That day was the last day of the sale and I was worried it being around Christmas that they would be sold out. Obviously my husband was too because he came up with the idea of me and Alex going before he got home. So I got us ready and we got on the road. It was So cold! First of all we went to High Point Wal-mart. Big store, gotta have it, right? NOT. I asked a sales lady and wow was she rude!

"Ma'am, do you have any wiis left?" smile.
"No were sold out." very gruffly, like shes smoking while she says it. Turns away and dismisses me. I'm still standing there, not moving.
"okay, so do you know if the other stores are sold out?" So I know that this woman is a low level cashier at best and I know that she doesn't personally communicate with the other stores, my bad.
"I don't know, were sold out," looking at another cashier and the cashier saying, "no were sold out." Umm... kinda got that.
"How long have you been sold out?" Once again smiling, hoping that she would take the hint and be friendly.
Wrong, she was getting so aggravated. "Ummm.. a couple of days...," ok I can take a hint, you don't care. I walk away, and she says " the sale ends today." yeah kinda knew that.

By the end of all that I was kinda aggravated, but I was persevering! I knew if I was persistent I would find one. It would just take a little driving around. Next store.. Randleman. 15-20 minutes away. I walk in and go straight back to electronics, no wiis. I walk out of the store. Feeling so bad about dragging my poor pitiful baby around that I go to McDonald's and buy lunch. I call the honey and tell him.. I can't do it anymore, I'm done. Yeah, persistence my butt. I was cold and hungry. I was sick of driving around. I wanted to go home and watch Wendy Williams. So I get home and look at the Wal-mart website to see if you can still get the gift card if you buy it online. That's when I see the little area that says "find in store" enter zip code and whoosh, you know which store to go too. UGH.... extreme aggravation ensues. Finish chicken nuggets or go to the Asheboro Walmart and get the wii. It take approximately 2 minutes to realize that if I didn't go then I would regret it. Bundle baby up.. put the lone chicken nugget in his hand to snack on going down the road... grab my drink and we are gone! Wendy Williams will be on tomorrow, no big deal.

I get to the Asheboro Walmart and they are there!!! I wanted to weep with joy! They were really magnificent in there square white boxes sitting there proudly with my name written all over it : )

Now all I had to do was get someone over there to open it and then I could buy it and go home!
So I'm standing there with a fussing baby, who has been very good up until now. A guy has come up and is opening the door for the woman standing next to me. And this part was quite funny since I have worked retail and I knew what was going on.

She was fidgeting excessively she was nervous and couldn't look anyone in the eye.
The guy who is really big opens the case and hands her a Nintendo DS.
"Can I open it?" She flips it over and scans the box.
"no," he says patiently.
"Umm.. can I pay for it up front?"
"no, you have to pay for it back here." calmly.
"okay.. "
She is still looking at it when I ask him to get my wii. (my wii! hahaha) He waited til she handed it back and then he got my wii : )

When I finally was able to hold it in my hands and finely able to go back home I was so happy!


P.S. I love Wal-Mart.


aidensmom said...

YAY for you getting your Wii!!!! They are sooo much fun. Although the nunchuck drives me insane. My thumb keeps slipping off of it. It's still fun though. Congrats! I can't wait to get the wii fit plus.

Jesikarena said...

I got it!!! : ) I LOVE IT!!!! It is SO fun! I can easily work out on there for an hour and it just fills like FUN! I love it : )

We also have the wii resorts and its really great too!